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From Art Nouveau to Art Deco

Brussels 1900 - Art Nouveau



This three-hour coach tour explores two of the major styles in the history of architecture in Brussels: Art Nouveau, which originated in the buildings of Victor Horta in the closing years of the nineteenth century, and Art Deco, which became the predominant style of the inter-war years 1918-39.

The buildings seen and visited during the tour will show participants the differences between the decorative and sensuous curves of Art Nouveau and the more sober straight lines of Art Deco.


The tour includes interior visits to the entrance hall of the former Wauquez wholesale drapery store by Victor Horta (now the Belgian Strip Cartoon Centre) and the former Hannon townhouse by Jules Brunfaut (now the Contretype Photographic Gallery). It is also possible to include on request a visit to the interior of the Van Buuren Museum, an Art Deco masterpiece by Goevarts & Van Varenbergh.

  stained glass window and Art Nouveau lampINR place FlageyArt Nouveau door

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