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Tours for groups

Tours for groups

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  While attending the first UN environmental conference in Stockholm in 1972, the former President of ARAU, René Schoonbrodt, was impressed by the guided tours of areas due for redevelopment given by local residents, which included their own opinions on the implications for themselves and their neighbours. Back in Brussels, he developed a range of “militant” tours from 1977 onwards, under the umbrella heading of “Brussels as seen by its residents”, that were widely emulated.

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City tours timetable

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Practical information

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ARAU city tours

Tours by coach   Best of Brussels
The major historic buildings of Brussels, from the mediaeval city centre to contemporary buildings in the suburbs.
  Tours on foot A European district in Brussels
The past and future of the district that hosts the European Institutions.
Tours by coach Brussels 1900 Art Nouveau
Explore Brussels’ most famous architecture, as initiated by Victor Horta.
  Tours on foot   50 Years of Europe in Brussels - Minitour
The history of European Institutions and their buildings.
Tours by coach   A Bird’s-Eye View of Brussels
The current town-planning challenges from a variety of unusual viewpoints.
Tours on foot   The Ixelles Ponds, from town house to apartment building
The Ixelles Ponds district offers a remarkable panorama of some of the best twentieth-century buildings in Brussels
Tours by coach   Brussels with Attitude
A unique view of the city’s less well-known districts.
  Tours on foot   The Marolles
The hidden treasures of this traditional working-class district and the challenges it faces.
Tours by coach   Brussels 1930 Art Deco
Discover this sleek architectural style of the inter-war years (1918-39).
  Tours on foot   The Grand Place and its surroundings
The history and exemplary re-building of this town-centre UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Tours by coach   From Art Nouveau to Art  Deco
Explore two of the major styles : Art Nouveau and Art Deco.
  Tours on foot   Living in Brussels
The attractions of living in the historic city centre.
        Tours on foot   Art Nouveau districts
Examine how the Art Nouveau style developed in suburban Brussels from its first flowering in Ixelles.
Art Nouveau entry

ARAU is not a run-of-the-mill tourist organisation.

Since 1969, this non-profit local residents’ group has been outspoken in its calls for high-quality design in the reconstruction and development of Brussels and for local residents’ views to be taken into account when redeveloping neighbourhoods. The vigilant concern and goodwill of its members led to the development of its unique range of guided tours, originally intended for local residents.

Regularly updated to take account of recent developments, the tours encourage us to re-evaluate urban life in Brussels by understanding the city’s development (past-present-future) and by living and acting as responsible citizens.


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